Plan de la ville et de ces meilleurs escaliers à rider...

La ville est une fille sexy à la susceptibilité fragile,

prudence pendant la session monsieur campagnon.


Here is the main interesting stairs of Besançon, the city from the inside river loop. Starting from the skateshop, actually in 2013, you will find the way, to the hospital and their falls before your own dancing club choice.


First, there's a Piano aera with the Charles Krug east corner leap ledge, with a thin small step. Following the Tramway, you'll find ledge and threshold on Carnot Str. Up from this street, you will downline the threes street to reach on your left the President building stairs, hide under an upperclass residency and doctors appartements. Leaning this building and the parking, steep on to Isanbard Big stairs. It's a one way street, cars going up. Walking the backstairs , you'll see the trainstation and his place. There's a underground parking, stairs frontside, leftside, and you'll find probably many ideas around the world. Behind the rails road, walking up the Vesoul street after the underbridge there a monster stairs for stuntmen. If you like flying, it's an adrenaline kick, just writing thoses lines. Always walking throw the street top, there's small stairs close a French drugstore, on your left, far from 5 minutes walks. The piano tour needs almost 2 hours to walk around all thoses spots.



Secondly, here's a Sax trip. Starting from nowhere, find the St Mad. church forehead and the two time holy (how many holly L?..."#§§?!% anyway I don't know..) It's the battant bridge picture. Lost in the hill around the houses, looking straight up, you'll arrive to the Darty speedy market delighted linked stairs. The main problem for me, is the little french border kerb. After it, downlining to CCi, you'll reach the forbidden spot of the town. Yes, there's a law, unalowed skateboarding on that beautifull stairs. Ask a deal with the mayor of the town, or eventually, comeback on the Vesoul stairs if you're still alive. (there isn't enough city light at night here...). After or before, a JeannotRagnotti stair, reach this on, down the road, straight, and good luck !! Left way, you'll get the old fire rescue building and the beverage shop. Joining the river side, you'll have the skatepark on the left streamdown, hide by threes. The mini, ramp as we said in French, is moving with furniture remover. It's often close the bridge, on the other side of the CLA sphere building. coming back in town, to the skateshop, there's small stairs, and sculptures in the mayors city office square. This trip is longer than the first. Maybe 3 lazy hours.



Finally, with a van, in winters rainy days, it's snowing in the alpe, and on your way, here the 90 minutes road to telecabs. Swiss Lausanne direction, it's the foreign ski ressort between French and Swiss riders. here is the link of M étabief Orex winterjam. (linked here) If you imagine the river overfload, there's statics waves all along, when it's happening in winter, mainly. This is the Guitar waste. Two spots, one is the Micropolis event zone, with a large stair on the picture, free from people during the week. There is another small spot, not pictured, in the deep background of this 7 or 8 steps picture. I's on the right when you entering the park, foreheading the strange home. At last, you'll have the hospital falls, close an highway, and natur aly, the coroner house. Crossing the highway, here's a french guetto called "cité". You'll like the rap, hip-hop and Kebab food !


Nowadays, the skateshop is SlideBox, on Proudhon street with 4 Discothek, La mez, The famous Rodia concert hall, the Style and Bristol. There's a lot of hotel in town, but my advise is,I don't have advice. Or maybe the Florel-Hotel Logis-de-France. (it's close the train station !)


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At last, you won't miss a Dj mapping with originals spots lost around the curve streets. On the map, you'll check severals steps from soft kicks to huge stunts.

First the citadelle medieval walks are sending a long and fast twin stairs in an expensive steep, very hard even on bikes. Two, you'll find an inline ledge perfect for a jump onto the slide, and reach a variable sizetime. Three, there is the weird halfpipe of the ghetto, not easy to climb, and even riding it. Four, the boatstation and her lawer walls, close the avenue. Five, the agriculture building state office will set you on fire, and if it's really burning too much, I got a firespray.